Texas-Lousiana Longleaf Pine Taskforce

Local Team for America's Longleaf

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Texas Forest Service (TFS) and US Forest Service National Forests and Grasslands in Texas (USFS) hosted a joint meeting in Lufkin, Texas on January 21, 2010 to begin discussions of a multi-stakeholder effort to support longleaf pine restoration. Both agencies agreed to oversee a multi-organizational effort to describe the collective and ongoing longleaf restoration activities in the East Texas area. An immediate action following this initial meeting was to include Louisiana partners in this effort. The Texas-Louisiana Longleaf Restoration Task Force is comprised of natural resource agencies/partners that share the common goals to accelerate longleaf ecosystem restoration on private forestlands adjacent to public lands, and to support the larger, range-wide America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative (hereafter Initiative), whose purpose is to increase longleaf pine acreage from 3.4 to 8.0 million acres in the next 15 years.